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WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!!!!!! I’m NaaDei ( it's an easy name that's pronounced Nah-day but I usually get called Naydee or Nayday or Nadia). I'm a momma of 2 toddlers - Dee (3) & Mista M (1), a wife, an avid traveler, an artist, a social worker and some other stuff too. I’m here to cultivate diversity in our uneeq children, uneeq cultures & uneeq experiences because it needs to be reflected in the blogging community. Now run the Afrobeats and follow an honest & diverse perspective on life, travel and parenting as a mommy with young uneeq kids.

My Book (I am Who I Am)

My Book

All children struggle with self-esteem & a postivie self image is something each child needs to develop from an early age. This book creates an opportunity to teach children, including those with extra challenges or developmental delays, that they are wonderful the way they are.

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