Tips, Simple Schedule & More: How to Structure Your Toddlers Day:

Being a first time parent can be really hard. There is no manual available to teach us how to do things – we have to figure it out as we go. We’re always told a million and one different things that need to be done […]


HELP! How Can I Stop Yelling at My Kids?

If you’re like me, you’re really trying to yell a whole lot less at your kids. This is definitely a topic that is close to home for me. I’m here to be honest and I can never act like the perfect parent. I try to be […]


Why I make sure I buy Black Dolls & Multicultural Dolls? PART 1

Like many parents, I’ve made a conscious effort to buy dolls for my 3 year old that are African and that look like her. The majority of my daughters dolls are black.. Some of the first toys bought for our girls are dolls. Dolls have […]


30 Positive Things All Kids Need to Hear

As you can tell I think it’s so important to build up our kids rather than tearing them down. Words are so powerful; what & how we say things will end up becoming their inner voices. Here is a list of 30 positive things we need […]

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